Phiếu bài tập Tiếng Anh 8 – đợt 5 – từ 20/4 đến 25/4/2020

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Tên tài nguyên Phiếu bài tập Tiếng Anh 8 – đợt 5 – từ 20/4 đến 25/4/2020
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(Học đợt 5 từ ngày 20/04/2020 đến 25/04/2020)


Exercise 1: Mark the stress on the correct syllable in the words below.

1. ecology 2. psychology 3. artistic 4. economic 5. logical
6. radiography 7. addressee 8. employee 9. volcanology 10. guarantee

Exercise 2: Complete the sentences, using the correct form of the words in brackets.

  1. Tsunami is a Japanese term for an unusually large ocean wave caused by undersea earthquake, landslide, or volcanic ______________________ (erupt)
  2. _______________ of the deadly Nepal earthquake have told the horror of the moment when it struck, leaving more than 3,000 dead. (survive)
  3. A website in Pakistan is helping coordinate the ________________ of aid in the flood disater. (provide)
  4. During a volcano, you should follow the ___________________ order issued by authorities. (evacuate)
  5. Thunderstorms can be ___________________, while tornadoes, and lightning can be life threatening. (destroy)

Exercise 3: Fill in each blank with ONE suitable word.



Drought occurs when there is a (1)___________________ of rainfall over a long period of time, resulting in water shortages for groups of people, activities or the (2)________________. Droughts have a significant effect (3)_____________________ agriculture and can harm the economy.

Water vapour needs to rise high through the atmosphere in order to form clouds. However, in (4)____________________ of high pressure, water vapour does not rise and no rain or clouds will form. When the high pressure stays in an area for a prolonged length of (5)______________________, the result is drought.